Principles of Millennium Seating

At Millennium Seating, we strive to provide to you the very best in customer care and satisfaction by utilizing the Three "S" Principle: Service, Specialists, and Solutions!


Many companies claim to have good customer service, but usually the person taking your order cannot answer any in-depth questions. When it comes to service, Millennium Seating is unsurpassed. Our friendly customer service staff will help you determine the best style, color and design for your theme and type of service while staying within your budget requirements. We will always provide you with the exemplary customer service and timely communication you need to make the best buying decision. We look forward to serving you and assisting you with your furniture needs!


Over the years, we have found that many restaurant owners need guidance when it comes to front of house seating. Likewise, business owners need help designing employee break rooms. Churches often delegate the furniture buying decisions to a committee – laypersons who need assistance with their church’s varied requirements. In all of these scenarios, the highly trained specialists at Millennium Seating are ready to help you get the right product that fits both your budget and your unique needs. Our specialists have the in-depth knowledge necessary to help you make informed decisions for your break room, restaurant or house of worship.


Have furniture problems? Millennium Seating has solutions. Our selection of the best furniture manufacturers, unparalleled customer service and years of experience in the industry make us the best source for any unique requests you may have as you plan your seating requirements. Whether it’s a cluster booth, special vinyl or fabric, a unique size tabletop, an unusual height table or counter or other special requests, your problems have solutions at Millennium Seating. Our skilled specialists are ready to help you find the perfect fit for your furniture needs.